Seminars of the Master Jeffrey Yuen – 2017

Seminars of the Master Jeffrey Yuen – 2017

The 2017 Xin Shu Seminars delivered by the Daoist Priest Master Jeffrey Yuen, on Qi Gong and Classic Chinese Medicine.

Data di inizio: 26/05/2017
Quota di partecipazione: € 170,00 (starting from)

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Centro Studi Xin Shu organizes the annual Seminars of the Master Jeffrey Yuen.
The 2017 Seminars will take place in Rome (Italy), May 26-28, with the following programme.

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Friday May 26, 2017 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
“Alchemical Qi Gong”

Alchemical Qi Gong is an ancient oriental discipline that acts upon Wei Qi, the external flow of energy, blood and Ying Qi, internal flows of energy, and Yuan Qi, the marrow. Alchemical Qi Gong stems from Daoism, it works with the “Three Treasures” to initiate the transformation of Jing Qi into Qi, and ultimately into Shen.
It follows the process of change from a dense and corrosive matter (Jing, lead or mercury) into Shen, a precious matter, through the activation of Qi.
This intense practice has to be guided by a qualified master and requires a refined energetic insight.
The focus of this discipline is on breathing, to obtain the desired effect.
Alchemical Qi Gong is a process of transformation providing a vital foundation for human beings to evolve.

Saturday May 27, 2017 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
“Daoism influence in Classic Chinese Medicine”

The origin of Classic Chinese Medicine is rooted in Daoism. Master Jeffrey Yuen was ordained a Daoist monk – 88th generation of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity, Yellow Emperor Lao Tzi School), and 26th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai (Complete Reality Dragon Gate school).
Being part of this tradition Master Jeffrey Yuen gives us the keys to access the deep knowledge of all the Daoist facets of Classic Chinese Medicine.
According to the Su Wen, an ancient Chinese medical text, healing requires the union of mind with spirit, as well as, concentration and intention of the therapist.
Master Jeffrey Yuen shows us the way to access a great body of knowledge through his teachings. He gives us methods to guide the soul in facing life challenges, and resolving health issues.
Master Jeffrey Yuen’s exclusive oral teachings, infused with an extensive Daoist culture, offer the means to enter the secret ways of healing. No book or treatise conveys these methods. Master Jeffrey Yuen believes written words do not allow concepts and paradigms to evolve and mutate, as they should, according to his Daoist lineage.
Master Jeffrey Yuen’s lessons stimulate and open all possibilities, suggesting resolutions rather than imposing them. Inspiring, they improve our knowledge, contribute to personal growth, making us unique and authentic doctors.
Master Jeffrey Yuen transmits that Classical Chinese medicine is both a medical practice and a way of life.

Sunday May 29, 2017 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
“The Way of Healing according to the Classics: Sun Si Miao teachings”

Sun Si Miao (581-682 CE. Sui and Tang dynasty) belonged to the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Lao Tzi School), as Master Jeffrey Yuen (88th generation). Sun Si Miao was a famous Chinese medicine doctor in the Daoist tradition. He is a major reference for his significant contribution to medicine and tremendous care given his patients. He wrote two books that were both milestones in the history of Classical Chinese medicine: Beiji Qian Jin Yao Fang (“Essential Formulas for Emergencies a Thousand Ducats of Gold Worth”) and Qian Jin Yi Fang (Supplement to the Essential Formulas Use Worth a Thousand Ducats of Gold). The former listed 5300 recipes for medicines, and the latter 2571.
Sun Si Miao gives precise indications to “self-cultivation” in his medical ethics:

  • Be present to what you are doing
  • Listen to the patient
  • Keep contact with the divine through silence and meditation

Furthermore, Sun Si Miao believes that the alchemical transformation will improve life, and that changing oneself will modify illness.

Participation Fees

You can register to the Seminars of the Master Jeffrey Yuen, attending one single seminar or attending one or multiple days. See the Participation Fees in the following table.

Participation Fees for one or multiple days
Participation Fee 1 day € 170,00
Participation Fee 2 days € 300,00
Participation Fee 3 days € 400,00

Registration and payments

To register to the Seminars of the Master Jeffrey Yuen, please select your Participation Fee from the “Buy your seat” dropdown menu on the top of this web page and click on the "Acquista" (Buy) button. Participation Fees can be paid through Paypal or Bank Transfer.
To complete your registration, fill out and send us the Registration Form provided with the Seminars Programme.


Xin Shu – AMSA Students/Graduates will benefit 50% discount of the fees.
27 and 28 May Seminars are free for levels I, II, III students/gratuates.
26 May Seminar is free for levels I, II students/gratuates.
Students not enrolled/graduated in the Xin Shu Programs will be charged 50,00 Euros per day.

Information and contacts

For further information, download the Seminars Programme or contact us:

Organizing Committee – Centro Studi Xin Shu
Ms. Cinzia Appoggetti
Mobile: +39 340 1773437 Telefax: +39 06 45439772
E-mail: seminari.xinshu @

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